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During your second visit, you will learn more about the condition of your health and you will have an opportunity to respond to the findings, and ask any questions you may have. Your intern will outline your current status, what treatment is recommended, the estimated length of that treatment and the anticipated cost to achieve the desired results.

If you choose to move forward with a plan for care, your treatment can usually begin that day. Depending on your condition, this may involve chiropractic adjustments, adjunctive therapies, soft tissue work, or the implementation of a restorative exercise routine. Based on the reaction of your body to the initial treatment, your plan may be modified accordingly to help you achieve more favorable results.

After your first treatment, your intern will usually follow up to determine your status and to schedule an additional appointment, if needed.

If it is determined that another visit to the health center is necessary, you will adhere to your original plan for care and your progress will be revisited when you return.

If you begin to notice improvement, your schedule may be modified to speed your path to recovery, and to also help you maintain your optimum health moving forward.

Those who are in pain when they arrive at the Health Center are seeking a solution for their discomfort. Our interns are committed to finding relief for that pain as quickly as possible, and consequently, Relief Care is the first phase of treatment.

As with many conditions, there can be underlying problems that are unknown until the pain presents itself. In some cases, it can be days or weeks after the initial cause of the problem before pain develops and therefore it may take some time, and multiple visits with your intern to help you achieve complete relief.

Our foremost concern in the Health Center is to eliminate pain and restore the body back to health. However, when the function of a body has been compromised, a complete recovery takes time.

Corrective Care is the second phase of treatment that allows for the muscles and tissues of the affected area to heal completely over time, restoring the body back to its natural state. Depending on your condition, this may take an extended time as your body rebuilds strength in the affected area and reduces the chance for re-injury.

This may include treatment from one of our interns or perhaps just stretching and exercising the areas. Our interns, under the direction of our doctors, are qualified to provide home recommendations.

After the body has completely healed, we advocate occasional chiropractic care to prevent additional health problems in the future. These routine treatments are part of a third phase of treatment called Wellness Care that is part of an overall, whole-body commitment to good health.

These treatments, along with exercise and proper nutrition are what pave the road to good health. In addition, being attentive to the ongoing care of your body will help you to avoid many of the ailments others may experience and allow you to continue with many of the things in life you enjoy.